Screen explanation

1 : HealthIf this becomes zero, it is gameover.
2 : ThunderThe number of Thunder. It can get at a shop.
3 : Present locationThis is a most current position of a player.
4 : CoinThis is used at a shop or to put a user block.
5 : User block switchIf click this, user blocks become Invalid or Effective.
6 : Back to menuBack to menu.


Left right arrow key or A D keyMove
Up arrow key or W keyJump
Down arrow key or S keyAttack or Action
MouseIt puts a user block or removes a user block. It needs $5.
+ keyVolume up
- keyVolume down
0 keyMute

- Special
By holding Down arrow key(S key), you can get off a moving floor.
If you have Thunder, it can attack to around enemies with up the key after more holding down.

- Shortcut key
U key : User blocks become Invalid or Effective.
Space key : It puts a user block or removes a user block of the front of a player.


You can save a game by Action key on a save point.
When you click title's play button, the game starts with last save data automatically.


Shop window opens by Action key on a entrance of a shop.
A player can upgrade by buying an ability.

SPEEDSpeed up
HIGHJUMPJump power up
MAGNETCoin magnet
DOUBLE JUMPIt can jump once in air.
BEAM SLASHAn attack is extended ahead.
CROWNThe cost of a warp drops to 1/5.
HEARTHeart increases. Max is 7.
THUNDERThunder(magic) increases. It can use by Holding down Action key.

User block

A user block can be put by mouse click. A player can step onto it. Moreover various effects can be acquired by putting user blocks to a specific shape(called Building). And, user blocks are shared with other players. User blocks will send a server when saving, moving across a map, and warping.


Various effects can be acquired by putting user blocks to a specific shape.

- Building list

Up moving floorDown moving floor
Left moving floorRight moving floor
Round type moving floorTrampoline
Left bombRight bomb
Save pointShop
Map serviceWarp service
Rest stationSummon slime A
Summon slime BSummon frog
This is one set in two. It builds in parallel so that
it may not become diagonal, and the distance less than 3 squares,
you can move through a wall.
Big block